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Kensington or “Kenso” (fun fact), is an Eastern suburb, southeast of the CBD. Home to many, Kensington provides the land upon which students in HECs debt reside, often lining up for free food events at the lovely UNSW.

Thanks UNSW


  • Originally inhabited by the Cadigal people, who used to live around the swamps in the area.
  • Before UNSW’s existence, it was the Kensington Racecourse, home to the troops and horses during the world wars.
  • The suburb went through many name changes. Our campus could’ve been called the “Lachlan Mills Estate campus” in another life.


As usual, it was a windy day with the sun peaking out. I walked around campus, casually snapping sneaky pictures of the sights and sceneries. My first destination was to NIDA on Anzac Parade (Yes, the building next to the dreadful line for the 895 bus).

N is for NIDA

It’s always been my #goal to visit since it’s the place Rebel Wilson acted in between her Law/Arts classes at UNSW.  The inside of the building is just as beautiful as its exterior. There was an array of costumes draped across mannequins in a mini-museum fashion and the architecture was super fresh.

The next place in my endeavor was the Museum of Human Disease on campus. If you don’t like grossness of any sorts, this is not the place for you. I personally found it enjoyable to see, because I don’t vomit at the sight of things that look like vomit.

Imagine if at the end of Cinderella, the prince unveils Cindy’s foot and sees this…

After walking around campus, climbing each Basser step with as much might as one possibly could, I reminisced about my first time here. The buildings have such a personality that it draws you into the many possibilities that could come by being a student here. All in all, a reflective (and tiring) experience.

Basic photography by yours truly



  • On campus:  I’m sure you know where to eat, but I’ll just recommend trying Mamak Village (Malaysian). You gotta order Combination Hor fun – it’s the best.
  • Check this link that lists all the food on campus! (it excludes good ol’ Thoughtful Foods for some reason).
  • There’s always that reliable free hot dog event that runs almost every day, to fall back on whenever you’re broke.
  • Outside campus: There’s plenty of food in Kingsford such as Phoodle (Vietnamese), Time for Thai, Sedap Rasa (Indonesian) and in Kensington there’s Paula’s Empanadas (Chilean), The Claypot Taverna (Greek) and Angelo’s Portugalia (Portuguese) as suggestions.
  • Things to do on campus: join a club, nap (then get tagged in a photo on FB later), study, Fitness and Aquatic Centre, Museum of Human Disease, pop up pictures, mic nights, theatre events, checking out the iCinema etcetc (Blitz regularly publishes events that happen every week at the uni. So keep checking this site.).
  • Things to do outside of campus: Watch theatre @ NIDA, check out Moore Park, go off to the beach areas nearby, The Ritz Cinema.

So that concludes Suburb Detours! From what I’ve learned, traveling around all the different areas, Sydney is super diverse and full of wonder. So if you ever get the wanderlust feels and yearn to travel to somewhere exotic (probably Europe) but you literally don’t have the money, why not travel around the suburbs?


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By Madelaine De Leon.



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