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SUBURB DETOURS: The Great West of Liverpool

While pretty much every university student spent their semester break, “backpacking” through Europe (you know it’s true), I devised a travel project of my own. This semester I plan to travel across different suburbs a fortnight, from my home area, Liverpool up to the beautiful Kensington. All with my trusty mate, the Opal Card. So let’s take a detour, shall we?

urban aesthetic

Liverpool, or “Livo” as called by the locals is a suburb in the greater south-west of Sydney. It’s also where I’m from (well, sorta). Liverpool has built up a reputation for being one of Sydney’s gangster regions. However it has an impressive amount of art, diverse cultures and has a lot of history behind the place. Great for perusing through during the day, and provides an even greater scope into the worldview of Western Sydney life.


  • Originally founded by the Cabrogal people and then discovered by Governor Macquarie in 1810
  • The 4th oldest city in NSW
  • During WI-WII, was an area for training soldiers

When I travelled to Liverpool, it was on a rare day packed with a lot of heat in comparison to most of the winter season. I started my detour checking out the historical landmarks in the Collingwood area of Liverpool. There laid a petite museum which inside, had a lot of character and charm. Adjacent to the building was the ye’ old Collingwood house, still preserved in its history.

historical buildings

As I continued walking, I started to see some spectacular graffiti aligned on the walls of some of the buildings (yeah graffiti’s not only in Newtown folks). The town’s setting up for a street art festival so I decided to take a few pics of the graffiti (all with my obviously incredible photography skillz – jokes).

artistically graffitied billboard on the side of a gym


  • There’s quite a lot of cafes (very hipster) e.g. Lara’s (would recommend), Ristretto and Co and Blackrose 
  • Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (which is just a sub-suburb away) has quite a gallery and view. Great place to look around and for event going e.g. ghost tours.
  • A great library with a lot of scenery and potential Insta graffiti pics.
  • SHOPPING! There’s a Westfield, op-shops, marketplace, and an outlet close buy if you would like some cheap threads.
  • Not a great place for Nightlife; they have a wonderful karaoke place, a cinema and monthly night markets.
  • Pokémon Go-ing: when I went to Bigge Park a lot of people were strutting their stuff in search for a Bulbasaur.
all the pokémon you can catch

I continued to poké around the older buildings around the place, which was rich with Elizabethan stylings. Just looking around, it gives you a sense of nostalgia.

As I strolled around my region, I learnt that Liverpool has a character unique to any of the areas in Sydney. It has a lot of history and is continuing to make it, as it’s developing more and more buildings. There’s a diverse range of different cultures, making it the community it is. Although this suburb would probably scare the crap out of you (especially on Moore street), it is my home.

SAVE THE DATE: Liverpool Street Art Festival – August 13th @ 3-8pm 

here’s a map of my progress wow look how far I’ve gone…



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