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Spotify’s 5 Best Secrets

Spotify is like that kid who has all the riches but you still can’t bear to hate them. You just can’t find one thing to loathe about little Miss Spotify. So in celebration of endless free music, here are five secrets you need to make the best out of your Spotify experience.


You’ve probably seen this little tab on the top left hand corner of your screen but have you clicked on it? It’s intimidating to venture beyond the safe house of your personal music choices. But when you have found the courage to find out what the ‘radio’ button does, you’ll be hooked.

Spotify Radio will fill in the blanks of your laziness and pick the next song that you’ll probably love by choosing songs based on what you’ve previously listened to.


You want to rap to ‘Fancy but you don’t have enough swag lyric knowledge to sing along? Spotify has a lyric feature, so forget taking the bus to karaoke night. Instead get ready for nights indoors wearing your slacks and ugg boots.

Private Session

If you’re still obsessed with listening to a pre-pubescent Bieber sing ‘Baby’ and you don’t need your friends judging your life choices, turn on your privacy settings and have your own private session. Go to the drop down arrow on the top right hand side of the window and click on it. The ‘private session’ button will do the trick to hide your guilty pleasures.

Ad blocker

What can you do when you feel like a premium when you’re really just a basic? Welcome to the world of tricking Spotify. Sorry little Miss Spotify, this is when you lose. Turn to the Spotify web player to play music and turn on your advertisement blocker and voila, you’ll be feeling like a king or queen when you’re really a pauper.

Music Sharing

You probably already know about sharing music playlists between you and your mates. But, do you know that you can send a Universal Resource Identifier (URI) with a timestamp so your homie can start listening from that portion of the song that you choose?

Let’s break it down. Right click on the title of the song and hit ‘Copy Spotify URI’. If you want to skip the boring first verses of a song, add in a hashtag and a timestamp (e.g. #1:56) at the end of the copied URI and your mate will be brought directly to it when he/she puts the URI into the search bar.

The copied URI will look something like this, spotify:track:3MrRksHupTVEQ7YbA0FsZK#1:56






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