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Seroukas Sermon: Welcome to Semester 2

Welcome to the first instalment of Seroukas Sermon, Semester Two edition! For those of you who read my stuff last semester, nothing much has changed. To my new readers, now is your chance to press CTRL + W. Or, if you’re a pretentious Mac user (guilty), hit Command+W.

You’re still with me? Good.

First of all, a massive thanks for visiting this article. I imagine it was an accident — after all, those fortnightly articles about TV shows and latest movies are probably more interesting than my whinging. But you’re here and that’s all that matters.

Looking ahead to this semester, I can already see some juicy topics that will no doubt inflame some readers. For example, in November, Americans will go to the booths to vote on who will be their 45th President. While everyone has been jumping on the anti-Trump train, I’ll inform you in my next instalment as to why he’s not that bad.

Then we’ve got the farce of the Olympics. Cities like Athens (2004) and Turin (2006) spend billions of dollars for an event that is simply unsustainable. Even Sydney didn’t get the return they wanted, 127k were expected and a measly 97,000 turned up. Is it really worth burning a hole in your economy for a few weeks’ of entertainment? I’ll let you stew on that one.

Don’t expect me to criticise football, though. Sure, the organisation is more corrupt than a Greek bank, but everyone has their price, right?

It wouldn’t be a Seroukas Sermon without a mentioning of terrorism, either. While sometimes it is best to leave such a sensitive issue to Waleed Aly or Sonia Kruger, I cannot help but weigh in. I assure you, though, I will make sure I will not cry for us to pray for a particular nation. Maybe we should pray for victims of imperialism or misguided wars (ahem, the 2003 Coalition of the Willing).

Moving on, last semester brought with it some rancour regarding my articles on LGBT and racial appropriation. Well, fear not — I am back with more racist and sexist views than ever before! My views will make even the most vehement bigot, i.e. Andrew Bolt, stare with envy. Jokes aside, I will attempt to tackle these issues. Partly because I feel strongly about them, and partly because they are issues that need to be discussed.

I feel as though today we are witnessing a shift in society that is far greater than any other time. Activism is like a swathe of currents flowing in the greater ocean. In fact, I would go as far as saying that without activism, African-American people would still be sitting at the back of buses and women would not be allowed to vote. But, like all great movements, there needs to be a rudder that tempers passionate views for the sake of the bigger picture. Maybe I’ll do it well, maybe I won’t.

Stick around for the next article and tell me what you reckon.

Kiss and hugs,

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