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Seroukas Sermon: #AtTheRaces Has To Stop

Picture this:

In another world, light years away from Earth, lives a civilisation that celebrates the abuse of another species – under the pretext of a “sport” – while viewers get inebriated to the point of quadriplegia.

They are admired by their friends for the ostensible affluence displayed, all the while the animals participating in the sport will be later put down if they are no longer of service to the sport.

Now, I would argue that sounds pretty regressive and fucked up. But here’s the thing — it happens.

If you have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, you will no doubt have seen your friends post photos of themselves at the iconic, abuse-perpetuating Races.


You’re welcome to accuse me of whinging. You’re welcome to say I’m being a ‘compassionista’. You’re even welcome to stop reading this article if you disagree with me — because, if you cannot see what is wrong with attending the races — and therefore supporting a barbaric industry — then you probably are not going to comprehend what I outline below.

Allow me to explain.

In the act of training and racing, horses are put under so much strain that they often succumb to injuries that render them unable to race. Once they cannot race, they are put down seeing as no one is willing to continue funding a horse that cannot perform its modus operandi.

If a horse is lucky enough to not break its leg while racing, it may suffer a haemorrhage in the lungs, causing a swift but painful death. This is due to the cocktails of pain-killers and performance-enhancing drugs they are fed throughout their lifetime.

Horses that are put down will be used either in pet meat or taken to abattoirs. According to Animals Australia, “approximately 2,000 tonnes of horse meat is exported from Australian for human consumption in Japan and Europe annually…Over 25,000 horses per year are killed in this way in Australia”.


Have I convinced you yet? If so, thank you — you are welcome to stop reading. If not, please keep reading.

Warning: the following videos show the true side to horse racing.

The thoroughbred-racing industry slaughters approximately 10,000 horses each year.

Ten. Thousand.

That is almost impossible to comprehend. What’s worse is that those 10,000 horses are roughly 50% of the annual horses bred. That means if you are a horse born in the thoroughbred industry, there is a one in two chance that you will be slaughtered before reaching your second birthday.

89% of horses at Randwick were found to have stomach ulcers within the first eight weeks of their training. 50% of racehorses in general were found to have blood in their windpipes, while 90% had blood deeper in the lungs.

These animals are experiencing perpetual pain and yet we are spending money on betting and getting drunk as skunks to watch this happen.

I don’t know about you, but that seems pretty fucked up.

Think about your choices, everyone.





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