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Science Fortnightly: #LinkFestival2016

There are those who directly help people, like doctors, teachers and fire fighters. Then there are those who ‘claim’ to drive society forward like policy makers and social entrepreneurs. Whichever way you may look at it, Scientists and Engineers are often thought to be dissociated with social change. This is a view that should be changed and working towards that cause, “The Link Festival” is held each year. The event was an undeniable success in 2016 held two weeks back and was made possible by ‘Wildwon’ and ‘Engineers without Borders’ working together.

So, what is this so called “The Link Festival” and what are they aiming for?


In short it is the one and only event to go to meet Australia’s leading and emerging social innovators that hope to bring about the new generation of design and technology professionals in creating the nexus of design, technology and social change.

The event is primarily held solely in Melbourne. However, this year we saw “The Link Festival Sydney Session” as well.


The event gave plenty of opportunity to listen, share and discuss plenty of ideas among many other like-minded people. There was a variety of unique topic discussions. Discussions regarding cliche topics like STEM education and how diversity is important. New twists on established ideas like entrepreneurship; a particular one that caught my interest was the talk “The misfit Economy: Innovation on the fringe”. Kyra Phillips truly brought a new perception on entrepreneurship by recognizing pirates, hackers and gangsters as “informal entrepreneurs”. Inspiring stories and talks of what drives successful social entrepreneurs forward.


Food and ideas were popping up everywhere!


Many activities were organized but there were highlighted talks and panel discussions held throughout the day!  These talks and discussions were hosted by a lot of amazing social innovators sharing their ideas. Unsurprisingly, they came from a variety of professions; from product designers to CEOs to Extrovert change-makers! Below are just a couple of the amazing people who spent their time at Link2016!

Click on the images to find what they talked about or something about them!

Author, founder & movement builder – The Misfit Economy, learning about creativity from pirates, gangsters and hackers.
Author, founder & movement builder – The Misfit Economy, learning about creativity from pirates, gangsters and hackers.
Sally-Ann Williams, the Engineering Community & Outreach Project manager at Google regarding “Careers of the future!”. The topic is quite explanatory of the talk itself.
Author, maker, product designer, passionate storyteller interrogating form with function for social good!
An extroverted change-maker, innovator and academic. Communicator of all things science and technology, determined in creating a future with purpose
Ex-hangover sufferer, social entreprepreneur, CEO & founder Hello Sunday Morning, Oxford Skoll Scholar, helping the world use drugs better.








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