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Rio Olympics 2016: What They Wore

International fashion designers have made sure athletes participating in the Olympic games arrived in style at the 2016 opening ceremony in Rio de Janeiro. Each country was unique in its own right, with designers incorporating images of patriotism and nationalistic pride.



It was seven years ago when iconic Sydney based label Sportscraft was first selected to Design Australia’s Olympic attire for the opening ceremony. Now, seven years and seven ensembles later Sportscraft has delivered yet again, with each Athlete dressed in mint green seersucker blazers, embroidered with a gold coat of arms badge and gold accessories. The blazers were unique, with the names of honoured Australian athletes who took home gold in past games imprinted in the lining. Each athlete donned white pants or skirts which complemented their white shoes who were designed by Toms.

United States of America


Ralph Lauren has dressed American Olympians since 2008 and this year was no different. The garments mirrored the American Flag, with the athletes clothed in the nationalistic red, white and blue. This patriotic look was complemented by boat shoes and braided bracelets. Flag bearer Michael Phelps took out the standout design for the team, wearing a glowing track jacket. The jacket featured electroluminescent panels which caused the USA logo on the back to glow blue.



Minimal and chic, France opted for an all-white palette which was designed by Lacoste. Dressed in largely navy and white, Olympians were fitted in skinny white trousers and polo tops, put together with a thigh-length navy waterproof jacket with red and white accents. The Lacoste crocodile was also transformed to include the stripes of the French flag.

Great Britain 


Stella McCartney and Adidas tailored the opening ceremony looks for the athletes of Great Britain. Females wore a sporty navy blue dress that was made from a high performance fabric, falling above the knee. This was paired with a white tailored jacket, which was tied together with a statement belt with a metal buckle. Males were dressed in a navy blue pea coat, with tailored white shorts and a blue shirt which features a white coat of arms embroidered on the pocket.

The looks in these games were diverse and exciting. Designers attempted to push boundaries yet at the same time maintained an air of simplicity, complementing the Olympians attempting to reach for gold in the weeks to come.



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