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Review: Sia’s “This Is Acting”

Let’s admit it, we love Sia. David Guetta evidently cannot get enough of her and the two of them make a killer music duo. What’s not to love about her unique touch on musical touch and her distinct and powerful voice? She is possibly the most unique singer since Lady Gaga stunned the world with her wacky style. So when Sia released a new album after her hugely successful 1000 Forms of Fear, it had to be checked out.

This is Acting starts off powerful strong with “Bird Set Free and kudos to this song for setting the stage to a beautiful start. The first half of the album was great with a balance of slow and upbeat songs. The album also paid homage to Sia’s reputation for uplifting, feel-good ballads classics. Highly recommended songs on the album include “Cheap Thrills and “Unstoppable”.  

There’s no doubt that This is Acting is a beautiful album with powerful vocals but one of it’s flaws is that , the songs blend together like a seemingly long 46- minute song. Only a few songs really stood out and the last few songs on the album couldn’t sustain the great songs at the start. After her success with her previous album, Sia had huge shoes to fill of her own and sadly This is Acting failed to fill those shoes.




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