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Review: Overwatch (Game)


Developed by Blizzard

As someone who has thousands of hours on Team Fortress 2, buying The Orange Box in a real store, like a caveman, I was sceptical about how Overwatch could compare. After clocking in the hours, I now see that Blizzard haven’t created a knockoff clone, but a truly polished and straight-up fun first-person shooter.

The charm of Overwatch comes from its character roster. I can assure you, no matter what your play style is, each character is easily accessible and incredibly fun to utilise. It’s astonishing that all the character are easily balanced against each other, in an almost scissors-paper-rock kind of way. This makes it that much better when you coordinate with your teammates to beat the enemy players.

While it’s definitely fun playing solo with people online, I HIGHLY recommend playing this game with friends on your team. Blizzard has definitely sucked me in with Overwatch. So much so that I have actually started to feel bad for all the other games that I bought before Overwatch, begging to be played.

Grade: Distinction


By Jack Butchart



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