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Review: Oscar Wylee Blue Light Protective Lenses

Blue light is the stuff your mum mentions when your staring at your phone or computer just before bed time. “It disturbs your sleep, all that light is not good for you at bed time”. As per usual with motherly advice, it generally tends to go out the window. But as a guy who has had bad eyesight since he was a kid, I have gradually found that as I progress deeper into uni, that mother is always right.

If you didn’t know, blue light is this..

ExactTargetโ€™s Digital Down Under Reportย revealed that as many as 13 million Australians spend over 18 hours a day online, with the average Australian owning three different technology devices.ย Blue light emitted from our very own digital devices is harmful, easily creating eye strain and fatigue for the average uni student studying from their laptops all day and night.”

At night, I usually end up worked up into this state where I have to lay down in bed for 45 minutes before I can go to sleep. This is without the aid of coffee and generally it comes from doing work really late. So I put my mums nagging to the test. One night I chose not to look at my screen an hour before bed. I actually feel asleep quicker, my mind not buzzing as much as usual. This is great news, but I still missed out on an hour cramming work in. So what can mitigate this? What can give me good sleep, no eye problems and maximum cramming hours?

Granted the above was not a scientific study, but when Oscar Wylee proposed to send us a pair of their new “Blue Light Protective Lenses” in exchange for an honest review (which you’re now reading), I was ready to go. A couple of days later I received the glasses which I had picked out with my prescription lenses in them.


I decided to go a little hipster this time and opted for these badboy’s (apologies for the lenses being smudged up, I used them quite a bit). They’re called the Mai pair and I chose the tortoise shell colouring. Initial response from my girlfriend and sister indicated they were a good choice aesthetic wise. Quality was good, dropped them a couple times and no cracks or breaks. But how did those lenses hold up?

I chose to wear them for a week. Now usually I wear contacts when I’m on a computer, and usually a headache ensues. I popped these guys on, no headaches. I worked with them for about an hour or two each night, just before bedtime. They sat comfortably on my face and I wasn’t getting the tired eyes that I usually get. Good signs. I felt a little better going to sleep each night, but nothing too major.

From what I could see pretty decent pair of glasses. There’s a tiny tinge of colour in the lens, which is that blue light protection, and they’re hard to wear outside the context of computer work (got some weird blurriness here and there). But apart from that, they’re decent. I can’t really make a true assessment of those blue light lenses. They did give me less of a headache, but I think the main benefits are in the long term. The guys at Oscar Wylee said they help prevent long term retinal damage and prevent those harmful rays of light coming through from electronic devices. So why not protect your eyes while killing (lol) those assignments. They’re damn cheap and if you need a pair of reading glasses, super easy to organize from home. As a glasses wearer for 10+ years they get a thumbs up from me ๐Ÿ™‚

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