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Review: Where To Invade Next

Hint: It’s not Australia

Where To Invade Next is the latest film from acclaimed documentary filmmaker Michael Moore. You may have seen his documentaries such as Bowling For Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11 or Roger & Me, all ace films in my opinion.

Alternatively you may have seen him spoofed in The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad etc etc. Regardless, I had the opportunity to go see his latest film Where To Invade Next, and here are my thoughts.

The documentary follows Michael Moore as he travels across Europe and North Africa, claiming all policies that made them great for America, naturally. Like an Invasion, so to speak. Some of his claims include Italy, with their 8 week paid vacation, or Finland, where every company board must be at least 50% women, or Norway where they treat their prisoners as human beings. Just wait until you see what France and Slovenia have. I’ll give you a hint, it involves 3 course meals at primary schools and free university education. I guess that was not so much of a hint, and rather me just telling you. But hey, who wouldn’t get jealous just reading about it? I’m mad I didn’t get to Italy first.


Michael Moore claiming Italy in the name of America

What Michael Moore discovers through his journey is that a lot of these ideals came from America. The Portuguese and Norwegian police forces cited the American Constitution when reasoning their Government policies. Iceland managed to convict their major banks for the GFC thanks to help from American lawyers and investigators. Moore believes that instead of stealing these ideas from the European countries, he is trying to remind America about what made it great in the first place. So even though the poster to the right is cool and all, it kind of misinterpreted the film.

Shepard Fairey custom movie poster
Shepard Fairey custom movie poster

Now, I know you Young Liberals are out there thinking “Sam, this all very well and good, but America couldn’t implement most of these, even if they tried”. You know what? I agree with you.

Moore states early on in the film “I’m going to be picking the flowers, not the weeds” and it shows. The documentary suffers from looking at the world through rose tinted glasses, with a lot of his propositions being classified as easier said than done.

Does the film present an interesting contrast between America and Europe? Yes. Is it bias? Hell yes. Should you watch it? Well I guess that’s up to you.

National Release Date: April 7, 2016

Running Time: 119 minutes

Rating: M – Coarse language and nudity



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