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Review: Best Places to Visit at the Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Garden is Sydney’s most beloved treasure. It’s the oldest botanic garden and scientific institution in Australia since 1816. It’s home to an outstanding collection of plants focusing on Australia and the South Pacific. Also, this year marks its 200th year anniversary. I absolutely love visiting the gardens because there’s so much to do. Here’re my top picks of the best places you must visit when you are there.



Palm Grove

Walking through the Palm Grove is a cooling experience as the tall canopies shade you from the hot sun. There are over 300 species of palms, many of which are Australian rainforest trees. It actually boasts one of the best collection of palm trees in the world, with the oldest tree being planted back in 1822. Look out for this awesome tree that looks like the Tree of Souls from the Avatar movie.

I Wish Statue

The statue has been known to be decorated with a garland of fresh flowers on its head or even a single flower placed in between its hands. The funny thing is that no one knows who actually does it. I was lucky enough to see this statue with lipstick on it. Another interesting fact is that it sits on the site of the first Wishing Tree in Australia.


The Calyx

I simply love the architecture of this building. This newly open exhibition space was opened in June 2016. The circular structure is made from a series of radiating steel frames and is set beside Ken Woolley’s Arc glasshouse built in 1987. Currently, the Sweet Addiction exhibition is happening until 17 Apr 2017. It’s an exhibition about anything and everything that you love about chocolate. Did I mention that they have free samples to try?


Lewis Wolfe Levy Fountain

You can’t miss this iconic fountain when you enter from the Woolloomooloo Gate. This fountain was erected in 1889 with a bronze statue of a woman at the top. The best part is that the four corners of the fountain have a large bubbler mounted on them. So don’t forget to take a sip and quench your thirst.

Picnic Spots

There are so many picnic spots to choose from. The gardens occupy 30 hectares or 74 acres of land. So you are really spoilt for choice when you come for a picnic. My favourite spot is the Flower Bed Lawn because it has unparalleled views of Sydney Harbour. It’s located next to the Main Pond, with spacious green lawns and colourful flower beds.

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