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Review: Best Places to Snorkel in Sydney

Summer is finally here at last! You know what that means? It’s time to spend endless days at the beach and work on your tan. For those you who love the water, then there’s lots you can do like swimming, surfing or kayaking. We are blessed that Sydney is covered with many pristine beaches that you are literally spoilt for choice. Who knows, you might find your Summer romance strolling along the sandy beaches.

What I am most excited about is actually to go snorkelling. I’ve only discovered it recently but I have embraced it like a fish takes to water. There are a couple of good spots where you can immerse yourself into an underwater world teeming with sea creatures. Here are my top picks for the best places to snorkel in Sydney.

Clovelly Beach

Source: Randwick City Council
Source: Randwick City Council

Clovelly Beach is a good starting ground for newbie snorkelers. It’s like a giant ocean pool with concrete platforms and steps that you can use to enter into the water. The waters are tranquil and clear enough for snorkelers to see the colourful fishes. Look out for the mysterious blue groper that has been a long-time resident at this beach.

Gordons Bay

Source: Randwick City Council
Source: Randwick City Council

Located just beside Clovelly Beach, Gordon’s Bay is the next best snorkelling hotspot. To get here though, you need to walk along the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. But it will be worth it once you do. There’s a dedicated underwater nature trail that divers and snorkelers can follow and discover the sea creatures that can be found there.

Little Bay Beach

Source: Randwick City Council
Source: Randwick City Council

Just further down south of Sydney, there’s Little Bay Beach that is adjacent to the Coast Golf Club. Its rocky headlands provide excellent protection from large coastal swells which makes it perfect for swimming and snorkelling. You will get to a variety of creatures like sea anemones and black urchins to squid and tiny fishes.

Cabbage Tree Bay

Souce: Destination NSW
Source: Destination NSW

Saving the best last, there is Cabbage Tree Bay. This is a spectacular aquatic reserve that is 20 hectares between Manly Beach’s southern end and the northern tip of Shelly Beach. What this means is that you will meet a variety of sea creatures from flounder, flathead, goatfish, old wives, fiddler rays and even sharks if you are lucky enough!

Obviously, you need the right equipment to snorkel. Even if it’s for fun, I would highly recommend you buying your own snorkelling kit rather than renting it. It’s important to get a mask, snorkel and fins that fit snugly. Another important point to note is to check the tide times. I would recommend to snorkel during low tide when the tide height is between 0.7 metres and 0.5 metres. This will ensure a pleasant experience for anyone new to snorkelling.

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