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Pantone: Top 10 Spring Colours

The bold colours splashed on canvases by legendary artist’s Picasso and Matisse and the vibrant and courageous tones influenced by Cuba are Pantone’s primary inspirations. By incorporating these hues Pantone have created the 10 top colours that will walk the runway this Spring. For the first time in years, these colours are not restricted to genders, exceeding cultural and gender norms. This unique palette, which includes six new hues altogether has been said to transport wearers to a calmer, happier and more tranquil environment.

Rose Quartz and Serenity

Rose Quartz and Serenity were favourites on the runway this season, being incorporated into many keynote looks. Rose Quartz has been particularly favoured by designers, as its gentle blush pink tone, which can be compared to a sunset, flushed cheek or budding flowers is an extremely versatile and wearable shade which compliments any skin tone. Pair this colour with other soft tones like Peach Echo, Serenity and Lilac Gray to create a tranquil look. Serenity, a transcendent blue which is calming and reminiscent of a blue sky is again a soft colour which can look great worn on its own, or paired with Rose Quartz. The combination of these two pastels creates soothing and soft look.

_ARC0874    _ARC0977

Left: Emporio Armani

Right: Lanvin

Peach Echo and Snorkel Blue

What better way to welcome the warmer months than Peach Echo, a warm colour from the orange family which symbolises the heat and head to summer. Combine it with Rose Quartz, Serenity and Lilac Gray for a more exciting look. Snorkel Blue, is a Maritime inspired blue, which comes from the Navy family. It is an energetic colour and through its name is inspired by a relaxing holiday and escape. This is a colour that can be worn not only in spring but can be a staple throughout every season. You can wear it with Buttercup, Iced Coffee and Peach Echo.

KIM_0961    calvin-klein-collection-016-1366

Left: Fendi

Right: Calvin Klein Collection

Buttercup and Green Flash

What better way to embrace spring then wear the brightest colours on the palette? Buttercup is a vibrant yellow which symbolises happiness and sunlight. As we head into the warmer months this colour represents the cheerful summer sun and glow. It pairs well with Snorkel Blue, Serenity and Lilac Gray. Green Flash is seen to represent nature and urban environments. This bright green, which has undertones of yellow can be a fantastic colour to combine with others, such as Snorkel Blue, Serenity and Limpet Shell or wear on its own for a statement look.

IMG_5225    _JER0523-2

Left: Ralph Lauren

Right: Jeremy Scott

Fiesta and Iced Coffee

Fiesta is a fiery, yellow based red which can be incorporated into any aspect of a spring outfit. This strong colour can be worn on its own as a stand out piece, or can be worn on the lips, for a subtle but elegant look. It looks great with Snorkel Blue, Green Flash and Limpet Shell. If you aren’t a fan of bold colours, Iced Coffee is a colour for you. This strong neutral colour can be worn in any season and can also be complimented with any other shade from the palette for a pop of colour, preferably Rose Quartz, Serenity and Lilac Gray.

KIM_0773    _MON0220

Left: Fendi

Right: Balmain

Lilac Gray and Limpet Shell

The soft and subtle neutrality of Lilac Gray combines hints of purple with splashes of grey. This indispensable colour will not go out of fashion if invested in, as it can be worn as a basic for everyday use. It can also be combined with Fiesta, Green Flash and Iced Coffee. Contrary to this, Limpet Shell is a refreshing blue with a slight hint of green. This fresh colour is clean and clear, perfect for spring and the warmer months ahead. Limpet shell can be paired with Iced Coffee, Peach Echo and Rose Quartz.

_UMB3946    rachel-antonoff-rtw-spring-2016-023

Left: Karen Walker

Right: Rachel Antonoff



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