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How To Know If It’s More Than Just Stress

Cram sessions and a super high caffeine intake both fit into the territory of being a university student. We all know that a little bit of stress can be good for us, but could your routine Monday meltdown be something more serious? Here’s how to tell if your uni blues are more than stress.

Over-procrastination (really, it’s a thing)

Most of us are getting our Masters in Procrastination to match our degree. As the deadline towards assignments or exams gets closer, we stress ourselves out and do anything except study.

But is there a point where it’s not just stress anymore? Yes, there becomes a point when procrastination isn’t just a pesky habit or an endearing character flaw. If you’re asking yourself what the point is, it’s time to step back and consider whether your degree is right for you.

When sleepless nights become the norm

You know those nights when your mind can’t shut off because of the 100 things you’re trying to remember and plan? It’s probably normal seeing as we spend so much time trying to secure internships and new jobs, while trying to cling at any hint of a social life.

But stress shouldn’t derail your life. If you’re constantly feeling tired, it’s time to think about whether you need to talk it out or make a change.

Emptiness & low motivation

Let’s be real: uni can be a bitch sometimes. It can feel like the world is against you, especially when you’re trekking up Basser Steps, trying to get to back-to-back tutes on time. But if you’re full of bad vibes, that’s a red flag.

Feeling empty instead of accomplished after hard work might warrant something a bit more serious than your average uni struggles.

Make like Ghostbusters and think about who you gonna call

Whether it’s just stress or something else – always know there are resources out there. It’s important to make a plan, take care of yourself and never suffer in silence. But first and foremost, be aware of the signs if it’s more than just stress.

And don’t ask Google what’s up and leave it at that. Instead check out the awesome Counselling services on campus, Hear To Hear at arc.unsw.edu.au or BeyondBlue.

By Emily Lam



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