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Interview: Wu-Tang’s Masta Killa (Blitz Radio)

Blitz Radio’s Ryley and James sat down with Masta Killa of the 40 million record selling Wu-Tang Clan. They talked about all things Hip Hop including it’s reach into Australia. You can listen to the full interview on Soundcloud. 

Ryley: You guys completed a recent February tour in Australia, you were in Sydney on the 24th, how’d you guys find the tour and did you like being back in Australia for the first time in five years?

Masta Killa: Yeah, everything was beautiful. The fans were beautiful, the energy out there was beautiful, the weather was beautiful. It was definitely a great experience, as always. Hip Hop is definitely there and its growing.

James: You guys recorded material in Melbourne’s Ginger Studios whilst in Australia, can we expect anything new to come from Wu-Tang in the near future?

Masta Killa: Like I said, we’re constantly working, music is definitely my passion and I can speak for a lot of the members in my group as well, music is our passion. We’ll always find ourselves in some studio, being creative and doing what we do naturally. When we feel that the time is right or we have enough songs that the public can appreciate or another brilliant idea pops into someone’s head, I’m pretty sure we will bring it forth to the public, as something to contribute to the musical universe. You know, you do what your passion tells you to do and create music. What it might turn out to be, and an idea you have for that particular project might come at the last minute.”

James: One of your opening acts on the tour was Ivan Ooze, do you have much exposure to the Hip Hop scene in Australia?

Masta Killa: Not too much, you get too meet people when you travel. You rarely get a chance to sit down and embrace what a person is actually into, ‘cause they’re busy, you’re busy. There’s sound checks, there’s interviews, always something doing on so sometimes it’s difficult. I do know that this Hip Hop thing that started in the Bronx in New York has spread world wide. So many different cultures have adapted this musical culture and I know their expression of it is a great thing. It makes it live on still to this day.

Ryley: You guys have worked with other members of the Hip Hop and musical community in the past, you as Masta Killa have worked with guys like MF DOOM or Pete Rock on songs before. How does working with these guys differ from working with members of the clan like the Genius or RZA?

Masta Killa: You know everyone who contributes to this Hip Hop culture, brings his or her own flavour, according to where they might be located geographically or their experience just with Hip Hop period. So, if you work with different artists you basically get to experience their input and how they get to see Hip Hop. They bring their experience and you bring yours, you know, it’s a creative situation.



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