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Interview: Winterbourne (Blitz Radio)

James and Nadia from Blitz Radio sat down and had a chat with James and Jordan, the duo behind Winterbourne. They spoke about the name, Mountain sounds, the Oxford Art Factory and of course Busking.

Thanks so much for joining us at Blitz Radio. You’re promoting your current EP Pendulum and of course the upcoming Pendulum tour, how’s that going?

Jordan: Good, a long time coming for this EP, two years from the last one and finally getting something out and having another headline tour, it’s pretty exciting.

Your Facebook Description has a phonetic pronunciation of your band name: winterbourne, why do you have that?

James: Because it’s the first thing that comes up when you google winterbourne. I think it’s because people always ask us where the name is from, and when we made the Facebook page for winterbourne, we know that people try to do a clever bio or something different, so I guess we ended up doing that by having the phonetics of our name. We thought let’s just get the definition for the name of our band and put it in. The name is actually my auntie’s surname and my three cousins, so we just stole it from them!

It sounds of game of thronesy

Jordan: we have to keep telling everyone it’s not, it’s more kind of Indy folky

I first saw you guys playing at mountain sounds in 2014, how does it feel from busking, to having your own set to touring with the Rubens?

Jordan: Pretty crazy, Mountain sounds was pretty cool as we hadn’t done that many proper music festivals and it’s from where we’re from (the central coast). So that was nice we had a lot of local people there. And then obviously The Rubens was ridiculous, we played at the Enmore and the Astor Theatre in Perth, the Forum in Melbourne, all these massive venues that we shouldn’t be playing in yet because we haven’t been around for long enough. It was all very overwhelming. Any more than 500 people at a gig is very overwhelming.

You guys are performing at the Oxford Art Factory on the 18th of June, what are you most excited for?

James: We’ve been pretty excited to play at that venue for a long time. Because one of the first bands we saw busking was a band called Set Sail. They sort of got us into busking and really inspired us to do it and we saw them a few years before we started playing and it was at the Oxford Art. It was a really big deal that they’d filled that venue and they were just buskers. We were watching that and thought we should really do that one day, so we are.

Playing as a duo is often uncommon, how does it feel to be a unique duo?

Jordan: It makes it kind of tricky. I think as a duo it’s always been difficult with the two of us as we’ve wanted our sound to be as big as possible. Even when we are a duo we try to play as many instruments at the same time as we can. We’ve started playing two other people, to get that more full sound. But it’s always just been the two of us, which has been kind of nice, and also not many people just have two people singing, I mean since Simon and Garfunkel.

Who is the most Diva on tour?

Jordan: It would have to be you.

James: We are not very diva. We are getting a little more like that though, the other day we complained that we had to drive to a gig instead of fly, which is weird, we used to love driving. That’s about as bad as it gets.

Jordan: We can’t afford to be Diva at this point

In the lead up to dropping your EP, you’ve been making a bunch of interesting Promo Vids, do you have any good ones coming up?

James: We did the last one yesterday

Jordan: and we’ve kind of exhausted our ideas. I think once you have a video of us swinging in time with music, it’s time to call it quits.

Do you have a favourite instrument that isn’t the conventional guitar?

Jordan: I play the mandolin, it’s not as interesting as it once was but I still enjoy playing that. All our first EP was pretty much written with a guitar and a mandolin.

You guys started out with Busking, do you still do that?

James: Yeh we try too, not as much. We used to do it three times a week but playing in the same spot in the same mall, gets a bit much and we just don’t have to as much as we used to. We’ve been doing it once a month because we don’t have to travel much because the EP is coming out.

Winterbourne are at the Oxford Art Factory on the 18th of June! The Pendulum EP is out now!

Written with help from Harry Rutner and James Ong 



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