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Interview: The Lulu Raes (Blitz Radio)

Blitz Radio’s Kenneth interviewed Tom and Marcus of The Lulu Raes, an indie pop rock band from Sydney about their current single and upcoming shows, including Groovin the Moo Maitland.

How did The Lulu Raes come to be?

Tom: The Lulu Raes came to be several years ago. Our good friend Taras actually got us altogether, he’s the blonde-haired one in the band who plays the guitar and the keyboard. He got us altogether, and I think he met Marcus at the beach, you guys are beach buddies.

Marcus: He said, ‘Do you wanna start a band?’ and I said, ‘Cool man!’. Years later we’re selling out the theatre?

And where did Eddie, your other band mate, come into the picture?

Tom: I don’t know he just kind of arrived. *looks to Marcus* Where did he come from?

Marcus: He was around because no one could si- *phone rings*

So how did you guys come up with your name, The Lulu Raes?

Tom: The Lulu Raes’ name came actually from a girl’s name, believe it or not. Her name was Lulu Rae and we just kinda stole it.

Did you know the girl?

Tom: I didn’t know her personally; another member of the band did.

Marcus: I didn’t know her either, she was a friend of Eddie and Taras’.

Now I was stoked to see your Facebook post of a cow, announcing your addition to the Groovin’ the Moo line up in Maitland. How did that come about, how did you guys get added into the line up?

Marcus: Well we got offered one last year or we thought we were getting offered and our manager was like, ‘Yeah boys we’re gonna play Groovin’ the Moo, it’s gonna be hectic!’ and we all got really excited and then it didn’t happen. A year later, here we are, coming at ya ladies and gentlemen.

Tom: In all seriousness it is probably a bit better that we are playing this year rather than last year because it gives us an opportunity to build a bit more of a profile and then there’ll actually be people there to watch us.

I assume you guys have been to your fair share of festivals, as anyone who’s been to a festival can tell you, they can be a bit of a warzone. I mean, you’re out in the sun all day, it’s really loud, there’s never enough water, and you’re screwed if you have to go to the bathroom. Do you have any tips for surviving Groovin’ the Moo?

Marcus: It’s a dangerous question because one of us is gonna start talking about bathroom activity…

Tom: Actually, I’ve got a good one. With your phone and your money put it in a little zip lock bag and stick that in there so then you can get wet if there’s a hose or whatever, so your phone doesn’t turn off. And buy one of those chargers.

Marcus: Maybe Steve Aoki cakes you.

There’s a huge difference between going to see a band at a festival and at a side show but what is the difference for you guys as the band?

Marcus: We play less songs. So we play all the good ones whereas at the longer shows we have to play a cover because actually as a new band we don’t have that many songs.

Tom: I feel, as well, that there’s a bit more energy when you play festivals and stuff like that. Because it’s not really a competition with other bands, but when you go there and see all these other great bands that are doing really good work you’re like, ‘Well we gotta really step it up and smash it out of the ball park.’

You guys have an EP on the way. Can you tell us about the experience of putting it together?

Tom: It’s been fun and different. Which is good because if you know anything about us we put just a bunch of singles over the last year or so essentially we’ve put out an EP worth of singles but they’re all just singles. So it’s been very different because we’ve had to try and figure out how they all kind of go together on the EP. Which is actually really fun because you feel like you’re getting a bit more of a sound as a band as well.

With your success off the back of your initial releases, there must’ve been some opportunities that would have never come your way otherwise. Do you have any favourite experiences?

Marcus: I’m a big fan of Goons of Doom and they were like the first band I ever went and watched and we just played with them at this festival at The Entrance last weekend called ‘Sweaty Palms’.

Tom: Well, I’m the drummer and I sit at the very back of the stage so no one really knows who I am most of the time and I had a really nice thing happen the other day. Someone came up to me and said, ‘You’re the drummer of The Lulu Raes!’ and I was like, ‘Yeah!’ and then he pulled his friend over and said, ‘This is the drummer of The Lulu Raes!’. Then I was like, ‘I’ve got to savour this because this is never gonna happen ever again.’

With your new single, Infinite Paradise (Sail Away), you guys released a music video with that. What was the process of putting it together?

Marcus: Well the video’s a training montage and when we finished the song we were listening to it and I said, ‘Hey guys wouldn’t it be cool if we made a video that was a training montage,’ and everyone said, ‘Shut up Marcus what makes you think you’re entitled to an opinion.’ And long story short, 2 000 views later, you can hit it on the Youtube, ladies and gentlemen.

You can catch The Lulu Raes at Groovin the Moo Maitland and other upcoming shows here



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