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Interview: A Chat With UNSW Ultimate Frisbee

UNSW’S Ultimate Frisbee Club has come a long way since their genesis, expanding to become one of the biggest university Frisbee clubs in Australia! Last week Blitz got the opportunity to chat with a couple of Ultimate throwers about their recent victories abroad, their adventures in Asia and what being in the club truly means to them.

So tell us about your recent victory in Malaysia!

The tournament we entered is called the Malaysian Open. We went to Langkawi two days before the tournament and played a little – that was all the practice some of us had. We had such good players in the team, so many of which have played internationally. We had this coach from Malaysia who’s quite famous in the Ultimate community both in Australia and internationally. He won an award for being the best coach last year in Australia. And we won!


What was your secret to success?

Our team name was ‘Shapes’ and that’s because our coach was a big fan of this particular kind of throw called a “shape”, where instead of throwing a Frisbee flat you throw it at an angle and it makes the Frisbee spin in a certain way. So it gives you a faster and better attack in some situations. But it wasn’t the throws that won us the tournament, it was probably just good execution and the fact that we had a lot of tall Australians in our team.

Was it challenging to pick up Frisbee?

The thing about Frisbee is that throwing is quite technical. And you often see people who pick it up really easily, but also people who struggle a lot. Guidance is important but there’s also a certain degree of natural ability.


What’s so special about the club?

Ultimate is really big around uni, but our club is really special because we have a really big focus on developing the sport and promoting it. So a lot of our club is built from players who play socially and recreationally and just throw sometimes. And we have a really big emphasis on the social aspect of the sport, whereas other clubs are much more catered towards the elite people of the sport.

We’re also one of the biggest uni Frisbee clubs in Australia. We have social training that happens on Thursday and social leagues that happen, but we also have a competitive focus.

What has been a highlight of being in Ultimate?

I would say it’s the culture and the people in the club. When you’re a rookie it’s so great to have so many people to learn from. Later when you grow up and become a senior, passing that on to the younger generation and spreading the passion for Ultimate and teaching people about it – for me that’s what it’s all about




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