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IND-I-Y: The Big Deal with Avocados

Picture this. There you are, sitting at a run-of-the-mill creatively, “groundbreaking” hipster café. You pick up your breakfast and drool is drooping over the contents of your shirt. Your mouth is salivating, your hand glands are sweating, your eyes are pealing. And all for the price of some green goop of on toast (mashed avocados very reminiscent of the slime from Nickelodeon Jr.) – say whaaAat?

Avocados have become mainstream to the point that Subway are selling it as a breakfast food. Whoever said avocados could constitute as a trend, was seriously disturbed. (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate avocados. Avocado milkshakes 4eva m8.) I just don’t get all the hype, so let’s look into it and see why it’s such a “big deal”?

I devised a PRO|CON list, as you do under existential crisis mode:

Dilemma: Why are avocados such a big deal? (bigger dilemma: what is the meaning of life?)

Date: 13/5/2k16

Confidential: Umm, No. (well it’s being published on the internet.)

Urgency: Pretty high.


  • Great taste, super bland though
  • Still has fats in it
  • Expensive $$$
  • You could be allergic to it
  • They turn rotten really easily
  • Not an indie enough fruit anymore #mainstream




So the pros outweigh the cons, but I still don’t see why it needs to be put on a big pedestal. Next thing you know, there’s avocado cults, holding avocado shrines in their avocado shaped tents (okay maybe I’m being slightly dramatic). Sounds like a society that would probably exist at this university.

lorde avocados
Lorde Avocado

It has even become an escalating trend in food prawnography. Who knew fruit could become such a sell out? Many foodies enjoy proclaiming to the world their avocado driven diet through the medium of Instagram. Insta was definitely invented so you can share with your adoring friends and fans your beautiful digestive system… After all, you are what you eat.


But you have to think, is it really vital or is it just a plain waste of time? It’s going to a point where we are consuming food not through our mouths, but through our gluttonous eyes. Have we lost an appreciation for food or has our appreciation gone to a new level?

avocados memory lane
thnks fr th mmrs


Maybe I’m just ridiculous but trends have now gone to a place where we’ve begun to claim fruit as celebrity. That for something to be originally ‘indie’, it has to be black jack random. Yet all that meaning is evaporated when there’s a flock of it broadcasted on Instagram.

But guys, it’s just an avocado.

And now it’s time for the classic #indielyricofthefortnight:

avocados - lyric6
“The mood it changes like the wind, hard to control when it begins.” The Naked & Famous, Young Blood #indielyricofthefortnight



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