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A Guide for The Lazy: How to Look Uni Ready Without Trying

Couch potatoes, lazy homies and plainly slothful peeps, I’ve got your back after the glorious weeklong mid-semester break. Unfortunately every fairytale comes to an end and it’s time to pick up the slack, lazy style.

‘Bad’, real bad, Michael Jackson


You’re the person that loves a sleep in and the bed’s force always pulls you back into the sheets when there’s only 10 minutes before class. You’re probably screaming inside wondering what to wear when you just want to crawl back into bed.

Solution: fret not my homie because the solution is simple. Sleep in whatever that you plan on wearing the next day. This is an inviting prospect because you can roll out of bed and into class in a jiffy. If “slacker” is your middle name, then wearing slacks to class is the perfect get up, zero effort needed.

Mediocre/ Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny


You’re the average Joe who has a healthy balance of laziness and motivation. But every now and then you’re overwhelmed by laziness. You can do the basics like microwaving and showering but you’re not physically ready for the greater prospect of studying.

Solution: pick any outfit that doesn’t have a loose fit. Loose tees scream lazy and you’re lazy enough. Instead wear a laidback Sunday dress. Besides jumpsuits and dresses there’s no one-piece outfit that I can suggest other than onesies, and onesies don’t exactly say “I’m smart and sleek”.



You’re the person who is on top of everything. You study before classes have even started and your life is more on point than the ends of Kylie Jenner’s wing-tipped eyeliner. If you’re this person, I have no idea why you are reading this but kudos for reading.

Solution: nothing. Please share your expertise with other readers. Help us lead your perfectly organized life.




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