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A Guide For The Lazy: How to Get Your Space Look Without Trying

Couch potatoes, homies too lazy to think of costume ideas and plainly uncreative peeps, I’ve got your back once again! So what if you’re terrible at costume ideas and putting effort into themed parties? That doesn’t mean that you have to pass on the mid-session Roundhouse party. I’ll be your brain so you don’t have to wreck yours, and don’t worry, minimal effort will be involved in these ideas. So grab your tickets and get ready for take-off.

The Ultimate Lazy

You’re the person who rocks up to Halloween in your sweatpants and your hoodie because you couldn’t care less about themed parties. This won’t fly at a space-themed bash. Thankfully, you will not have to stand out like you missed the memo in a crowd of crazy space enthusiasts. You don’t have to dread the inevitable ‘what are you?’ questions, because now you have the perfect answer without trying one bit.

Possible Characters
What do you need?
Chewbacca (Star Wars) Mostly nothing with the exception of avoiding shavers, haircuts or anything sharp that could potentially jeopardize the precious length of your hair, beard or moustache. If you begin to look like Tom Hanks in Castaway, you know you are doing it right.
Spock (Star Trek) Unfortunately this requires a little bit more effort than Chewbacca. But if you have a pair of scissors and a blue shirt, you’re set to go! Just snip your fringe along the edge of your ruler, making sure that you look like a 10-year-old who just got enrolled into a strict boarding school. Then put on a blue shirt. We can skip those elf ears because that’s too much effort and we’re not into that. Nah-uh!
Nyota Uhura (Star Trek) If you have long hair, a hair tie, a red dress, a black round-neck shirt and winter boots, you’re all good for this look. Pull your hair back into a high ponytail, wear your black tee inside of your red dress, put on your boots and the rest is history.

The Somewhat Lazy

You’re the person who wants to fit in but you’re still too lazy to put in too much of actual effort. So you go to a costume shop to buy the simplest and cheapest costume. If you’d rather sink into a black hole than come up with a costume idea, here is a list just for you.

Possible Characters
What do you need?
Yoda (Star Wars)/ Na’vi (Avatar) Body paint. Heaps of body paint. Just dip yourself in green or blue like a human cheese fondue. Even if you’re too lazy to cover your entire body with paint, it’s cool because you’re still halfway there with the idea. So just let other people fill in the blanks and you already have the perfect costume.
Thor You’ll need a cape or a red jumper to tie over your neck like a kid playing dress-up. Finish your costume with a plastic toy hammer.
Zenon (Zenon) Grab your tackiest long-sleeved pink top and pink tights. Finish up with a denim skirt and a sleeveless denim jacket. The tackier the better because you’re a kid living on a space station.
C3PO (Star Wars) Wrap yourself in endless amounts of aluminum foil and there you go, a space robot!

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