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Fully Sick

So now, we’ve made it. Holidays here we come, no more uni for another year and full speed ahead to Christmas carols, mulled wine and bad dancing on NYE. Goodbye 2016!

Except not quite, because as I type this I am lying in bed, sick from a mystery illness. I just looked it up on Web MD and there is a high chance that these may be my last words, because according to our favourite internet doctor, I may be dying from several different terminal illnesses.

The worst part is the boredom. After lying in bed for 10 straight hours, you really start to question if there is a Netflix threshold and whether you are close to reaching it. By hour 15 and after watching 2 different Lifetime movies you have definitely reached it. For those of you who don’t know, a Lifetime movie is the television equivalent of an almost pornographic romance novel, and all have titles like “Harvest Moon,” “12 Men of Christmas,” and my personal favourite “Killer Hair,” which is about a murder at a hair salon.

So, you cant stomach another hour of Netflix, what do you do? Here is how you can pass the months ahead as you wait for uni to start back up. Learn a new skill! Take up a hobby! Lie in bed and sleep for as many hours as possible! Read a book! Write a zine! Read another book! Go out with your friends!

Honestly, just get out of bed once in a while and do something and thats enough to have had a good holiday, even if you’re racing against the clock to survive (Web MD says I have only a few days left). By the time you come back, sunburnt and tired, Netflix won’t seem so boring and you can start all over again.



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