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Four Out of This World Space Facts

Where do astronauts like to hangout? The spacebar. So stop sending in your selfies to NASA we all know you’re a star and keep reading for more totally legit (we swear) space factoids that are out of this world.

The Centre of the Galaxy is Basically a Kinder Surprise.

Astronomers from the Max Planck Institute made a delicious discovery whilst investigating the Sagittarius B2, a dust cloud near the centre of the galaxy. Among the chemicals for which signals were found was ethyl formate (C3H6O2), the dominant flavour in raspberries, as well as an important one in rum. Now before you put on your spacesuit for a space cocktail, we might have exaggerated a little bit. Ethyl formate ‘does happen to give raspberries their flavour, but there are many other molecules that are needed to make space raspberries,’ the Institute’s Arnaud Belloche said. Sorry Cherry Ripes, guess I’ll be sticking to Mars Bars.

Space Race? More Like Space and First Base.

Pornhub, the porn video viewing site, for some reason unknown to mankind, are hoping to be the first to shoot an adult film in space, Sexploration. 386 people donated $8,300 within one day through a crowd funding site, but they have light-years before they reach $3.4 million to fund their Big Bang. The company has already set aside $2,040,000 for tickets to ride into space, which seems substantial enough for actors and crew. Want to donate? A $150,000 donation will make you the proud owner of one of the two Pornhub-branded spacesuits worn by a ‘sextronaut’ along with their underwear. Personally, I think they should film it on Uranus.

Hollywood Do Not Fact-Check Anything. There is No KA-BOOM!

Surely we should know by now that most Hollywood movies are, well… not based on science.  I guess that if you’re spending a fortune on filming an explosion or a dramatic death, you definitely want the audience to hear it. However, space has no atmosphere, which means there is nothing for the sound waves to travel though. While we’re on the subject of Hollywood breaking scientists’ hearts let’s talk about the way humans suddenly die when exposed in outer space; technically, we can live for 30 seconds until we die of asphyxiation due to lack of oxygen. Honestly, Hollywood get it meteorite!

Shine Bright Like a Diamond!

If you exit earth and turn left, then go our neighbouring galaxy, you’ll find a planet twice the size of earth that’s literally a diamond planet. The planet —called 55 Cancri e — has a radius twice Earth’s, and a mass eight times greater, making it a ‘super Earth’. The hot planet also races around its star at such a close distance that one year lasts just 18 hours.




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