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Five Self-Defence Lessons from Kung Fu Panda


Our favourite on-screen panda and the rest of the gang have got your back when it comes to self-defence. While there’s no such thing as a Five Finger Blast Punch and you can’t hit someone a ball of energy, watching the franchise, you mostly learn what not to do.


  1. An attack can come from anywhere at any time



Not saying you’ll have to fight to the death for a dumpling, but get familiar with your surroundings. Like Po, you could be attacked from any or every side (although you’d want to hope it’s just with a chopstick).


But the good news? You can minimise the danger without doing much at all. Propping your back up against a wall while waiting for that late-night bus eliminates the worst direction of attack. Also make sure to use your peripheral vision and try not to have your earphones in while walking around at night.


  1. Never try to catch a punch (or a finger)




So the famous Wuxi Finger Hold might work for the characters in the movie, but never consider doing it in real life. It’s the same thing with a punch. No matter how strong you think you are, if someone’s coming at you full pelt, you’re going to end up with some broken fingers (and a whole lot more).


  1. A clap can actually stun your attacker



Two open hands can really do wonders in a sticky situation (my mind went there too). Think of a gong sounding, where your hands are the beater and your attacker’s head is the gong. Strike an area like the temple hard enough and your assailant is bound to go down. Then celebrate with another clap before getting the hell out of there.


  1. Feet of Fury in a street situation? More like knees.



While here Po masterfully kicks the crap out of multiple assailants, you’ll have a tough time with just one kick. Kick as much as possible. Knees are a lifesaver and very useful if you’re in close quarters. Otherwise, stick to kicks below the waist, they’re bound to do some damage.


  1. Use your surroundings



Okay, so I know you won’t be using noodles or stand on bamboo sticks to defeat your attacker, but the point is: use something. You never know when a piece of glass, a bar stool or even a pot plant could come in handy.



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