We all know what it’s like on the first day of uni, those dreaded thoughts running through your head. As you stand in the long queue on Eddy Avenue wondering; Am I going to make any friends? Will people be nice? Did I dress okay? DO I HAVE TO WAIT IN THIS LINE EVERY DAY?!

Unfortunately I’m only here to help you with one question.

Here are the top 10 tips for what to wear to uni:

1. Thongs are only acceptable if you live on campus The less toes out on campus, the better it is for everyone. Alas, if you must have them out here are some great alternatives:

12674712_1266955579984558_658551316_o 12833210_1266964823316967_698608508_n

2. Smart casual is always appropriate You can never go wrong with this. No harm in looking cute and professional. Check below for some ideas:

12381216_1266964226650360_1095788677_o 12528647_1266963753317074_193910398_o

3. Comfortable shoes are a necessity Have you seen the Basser steps?! Trust me, those wedges aren’t worth it. These guys get it:

12722277_1266964403317009_1762116477_o 12381236_1266963879983728_2089256901_o

4. There is no reason for a high heel Here are some great alternatives these guys pulled off and still looked just as classy:

12596342_1266964896650293_1706790299_n 12675281_1266964183317031_251897272_o

5. If it fits your laptop and still look good, its perfect! Totes, backpacks and big handbags! That’s the stuff you want. Here are some great bags:

12064050_1266964706650312_1258855200_n 12064048_1266964879983628_1108572074_n

6. Denim never hurt nobody! I wear double more than it is social acceptable but don’t let shady eyes stop you from bring back the 90’s. These girls didn’t and rocked it:

12527838_1266964923316957_156082215_n 12421306_1266964773316972_52094100_n

7. UNSW PRIDE! Represent it and no one will tell you otherwise.. except USYD (but who cares what they think!). Here are my favourites you can grab on campus:

UNSW_Varsity_Crew_Sweatshirt_-_Grey_9990000183005_9990000183012_9990000183029_9990000183036_9990000183043_1024x1024-1 UNSW_Varsity_Jacket_-_Navy_Back_9990000181667_9990000181674_9990000181681_9990000181698_9990000181704_9990000181711_9990000181728_9990000181735_9990000181742_medium

8. Keep it simple, Stupid! Nuff Said:

12421268_1266964906650292_1928175657_n 12873638_1266964433317006_146010846_o

9. Street wear not Gym Gear These guys know the difference:

12443209_1266964633316986_853658217_n 12835016_1266964686650314_32188549_n

10. Accessories can make or break an outfit Add cute touches to your outfit like these girls:

12674572_1266964613316988_740433025_n 12596213_1266964669983649_1216552262_n



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