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A Dropkick’s Guide To: The UNSW Boxing Club

Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Joe Fraser, iconic sportsmen one and all but something else these men all have in common: brain damage.

And with that in mind, welcome to the Dropkick’s Guide on the glorious art of Boxing.

With such mind-games typically only witnessed in the high-stakes world of chess, boxing offers participants mental and physical stimulation with the added excitement of potentially getting hit in the head many times.

Unbeknownst to many, UNSW has several sporting clubs where people can go to get fit or go in the hopes of one day becoming a relative badass. One such sporting society is UNSW’s Boxing Club.

According to the Arc website, the UNSW Boxing Club: “offers training sessions from intro to advanced for you to get fit and socialise through the exciting techniques of Boxing.” Students can come to get fit or compete for the university in interstate competitions.

Throughout the week there are four session times to practice your jab-cross game. These sessions fall on Monday and Wednesday from 5:00-6:15pm and 6:15-7:30pm. Groups typically consist of 20-30 people with an instructor that some have called very “traditional”. A single session costs $15 while attaining a ‘multi-session’ ticket will ultimately be of better value. Also, all necessary equipment is provided by the club but it is preferred that you provide your own if you intend to stay for more than two sessions.

UNSW Boxing Club fees and admissions
UNSW Boxing Club fees and admissions

According to UNSW’s own amateur boxing extraordinaire, Matthew Weeks (a third year Science student), he considers his weekly boxing sessions to be a “cathartic” experience which helps him unload from the ever-present strains of university and work. After all, in the midst of a long hard week filled with procrastination and last-minute rushes, would it not be nice to take all your aggression and unload it onto a big rubber bag or onto your sparring partner.

When asked how the Boxing Club made him feel Matthew responded with the simply inspirational quip, “I don’t know… I guess I feel welcome.”

Matthew Weeks rewarding himself with a cheeky beer following a grueling sparring session.

Well said, mate.

And for those of you who do not find boxing exciting enough, fear not, because we also have a Muay Thai Club where participants can learn the art of kicking someone else’s f*cking head off*.


*Blitz does not promote violence, just self-defense… 



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