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Interview: Cosmo’s Midnight (O-Week)

COSMO’S MIDNIGHT is the Sydney-based twin brother duo mesmerising headphones
and dancefloors around the globe.

Representing unexplored territory not just within genres but between them, Cosmo’s
Midnight look for cross points between low-end house, lushed out beat-work and
electronic mystery attracting an array of fans worldwide.

You recently supported Porter Robinson on his ‘Worlds’ Tour with Wave Racer, what was the highlight of this experience?

Playing Smash Bros Melee backstage with Porter, Wavey and Basenji at the Sydney show~ had no idea Porter was so good at Sheik. Porters girlfriend also brings a huge Marth to the table so yeah that was good fun.

Your new EP ‘Moments’ has some unique, innovative sounds and amazing collabs. Which track are you most proud of? Tell us a bit about the process of how it came about.

Hurt was a real labour of love, restarted that song many times before we were happy with it. It ended up finally coming together about a week before EP deadline which was stressful but we’re super happy with how it finally sounded. We worked back and forth with Sarah of Kero Kero Bonito and wow she is just too cool.


Your latest single ‘Walk with Me’ with Ku?ka has been one of your most popular tracks to date. What was the inspiration behind your music video? Those scooters looked like a ton of fun!

The inspiration for the Walk With Me vid comes direct from the weird minds of my friends Chester and Finn. Who knows what they’re thinking when they come up with these ideas but I love everything they do. They completely nail that surreal vibe and combine it perfectly with Walk With Me’s upbeat bounce. Regarding the scooters, they were a last minute addition. We hit up an ‘extreme toys’ company asking if they would sponsor our vid and they gave us two scooters for the shoot.

What’s the most ridiculous thing that’s happened at one of your gigs?

At Splendour I saw some dudes stacked on each others shoulders like 3 people high, that’s pretty wild.

What’s your biggest pet peeve about your brother? Do people ever get you mixed up?

Biggest pet peeve is my brothers current mullet ~ he needs to cut that asap. People get us mixed up occasionally but it’s pretty rare these days. I have blonde hair and a piercing so it’s pretty hard to go wrong people.

Our theme for O-Week this year is “Immerse Yourself” (underwater theme). If you were an aquatic animal, what would you be and why?

Sea Otter or a Fur Seal because they are top tier cute. Or Maybe a dolphin too because I wrote a song about one a couple years ago and have a dolphin t-shirt.




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