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Coolest Acts That Rocked the Roundhouse

We bid the good ol’ Roundie a goodbye as it closes its doors for a year and a half to welcome a new (and cooler) Roundhouse era. 53 years of sold-out gigs, 53 years of raging parties, 53 years of memories. Here are some of the Roundhouse’s coolest moments in musical history.


Green Day 1998

Before the Boulevard of Broken Dream days, the famous three-piece punk rock band stormed the stage of our beloved Roundie. Performing most of their songs from their fifth studio album, Nimrod, they ended their gig with the all-time favourite, ‘Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)’. Wish you were a uni student in 1998 now? Us too.


Flo Rida 2008

Champagne in hand, Flo Rida got low at Roundie. He only played three songs in his 30-minute gig but drew a crowd of thousands in their “apple bottom jeans” and “boots with the fur”. It was a night of Good Feelings as people threw their hands ‘In The Ayer’.


S Club 7 2012

90s English pop group, donned the stage at the Roundie for a major S Club Party. Performing hits like ‘Don’t Stop Movin’ and ‘Bring It All Back’, their gig definitely brings back some good memories.


Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill 2012

For the special screening of 21 Jump Street during O-Week 2012, both Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill rocked up to the Roundie as undercover cops, confirming that “Chemistry’s the one with the shapes”.




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