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How To Clothes Swap Like A Pro

It’s time to get some fresh vintage finds and to say “bye” to your boring clothes when you could’ve spent your cash filling your tummy with a Golden Gaytime instead. Despite the bad life choices that you have made, here are some effortless tips to make the best out of your lazy clothes swapping experience!

Tip 1: Shoulder to shoulder

You may not have the privilege of a changing room during your clothes swapping escapade. So, in such an unfortunate event, use the ‘shoulder to shoulder’ method. Place your desired top against your shoulder and see how it fits. Be sure that the shoulder line of the shirt fits nicely against yours.

Tip 2: Waistlines

Even if you’re an hourglass, apple or pear shape, you have a waistline. Which means if you are picking a top or a dress that may exhibit more body fitting qualities, you will have to consider how it will fit on your waistline. Make sure that it sits well and does not stick out oddly, making you look like a tent. Leave the tent tendencies for your next camping trip.

Tip 3: Materials

If the item that you pick is made of an elastic-like, stretchy material, be sure that it has not been overstretched and has gone loose. You want your outfit to fit you like a glove and not make you look like you went to the pregnancy section to shop.

Tip 4: Hems

Always check the hem of your clothes that you pick. Be sure that the hemming line has been sewn neatly and that the ends are not frayed or broken. If they are, chances are, the clothes will not hold together for long. Which means that it is better junked than treasured.

Tip 5: Stain check

Stains are dreadful horrors that should not exist. So to avoid looking like you were a five-year-old who couldn’t eat like a normal human being and ended up with more food on your shirt than on your plate, scan your top for any such stains.

Tip 6: Zippers

If there is a zipper present, it becomes the most vital part of your clothes. It is the bridge that pulls the two ends together so others don’t have to know that you’re more H&M instead of Calvin Klein under your wannabe faux True Religion” jeans. So check if the zipper runs smoothly or that it isn’t broken.

Tip 7: Don’t pick jeans

It’s already a wild guess that your newly swapped clothes will fit you but it’s harder making sure that jeans will. Buying jeans will be a waste of your time and effort, so avoid picking them for the swap.

Tip 8: Think twice

Because you’re already lazy to begin with, you may exhibit the tendency to go for the first and most striking piece of outfit that catches your eye. But no, you must resist and think twice. Use that extra brain effort to consider whether that very top that grabbed your attention does not make you look like a stop sign at a crossing. Just because it caught your attention doesn’t mean it looks nice. Reconsider.



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