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Album of the Week: ODESZA’s “In Return” (Blitz Radio)

In September last year Seattle beat-makers ODESZA delivered a timeless rerelease of their chart topping LP, In Return (2014). This deluxe edition consisted of the studio-singles from the original album (vocal and new instrumental mixes), a fresh single and three tracks recorded live from their world tour a year prior.

In Return (Deluxe) blends sounds that typify genres such as indietronica, ambient and commercial pop into what is an amalgamation of what can only be described as ‘blissful beats.’ It is an album that fully defines the signature ODESZA sound. The “infectious hooks” from tracks such as Say My Name and All We Need are brought to life with the duo’s trademark vocal cuts. ODESZA often masterfully produce percussion that are likely to be confused with acoustic counterparts and this album is no exception. The theme is an uplifting one and is carried remarkably well throughout making this one of the most consistent (thematically and musically) records of recent times. No song is out of place here including the recently released Light featuring vocals from Swedish electronic group Little Dragon.

Overall, the album plays it safe delivering the sounds that fans have grown accustomed to and playing to the masses with catchy commercially inspired “feel good” songs. There is a warmth to every track that is very rarely replicated by other electronic acts that opt for similar music-making approaches. It is safe to say that these two men have pathed the way for the melodic-emphasised electronic movement that is seeing a rise as of late with the likes of Kygo, Jai Wolf and others. Keep an eye out for what this duo has in store for 2016 and onwards.
By Simon Penny



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