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Album of the Week: GRiZ’s Good Will Prevail (Blitz Radio)

DISCLAIMER: This album may be a whole lot of fun but it is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you do not like filthy wubs, sexy sax or roaring guitar then I suggest you divert your attention elsewhere.

Not many musicians can make the claim that they have successfully combined the sounds of funk, swing, rock, electro and dubstep yet this is exactly what weed enthusiast and internet good-guy, GRiZ, has achieved in his latest full-length album Good Will Prevail. Good Will Prevail doesn’t have a theme other than throwing a whole bunch of noises in your direction all at once and somehow making it sound magnificent. It’s a good time and that’s all that matters to the 26 Michigan born producer.

Many people who share the same very air we breathe complain about the lack of musical talent, versatility and even virtuosity regarding the artists of our time. However, instead of lacking, GRiZ possesses all these traits and flaunts them in such an incredible way by combining the soothing jazz sax of the swinging 50’s and 60’s with the screaming guitars of the 80’s and the disgusting dub growls of the 21st Century. For those GRiZ fans (old and new following this album) out there, this album will come as something that’s in part familiar and surprising! Good Will Prevail seems to largely be a demo tape rather than an album purely as a result of the number of genres it encompasses showcasing a plethora of sounds from the past 50-60 years.

For those accustomed to GRiZ and Gramatik’s labels, All Good Records and Lowtemp Music respectively, the features will be very familiar here as vocalists such as Leo Napier, iDa HAWK and Muzzy Bear make a return alongside beatmakers SunSquabi, Artifakts and Louis Futon just to name a few. Now I am tasked with the impossible choice of selecting a few songs that are incredible in both execution and in representing what this album is all about. Instead, I am going to attempt to categorize the 13 tracks below in increasing levels of filthiness:

The kind of clean where you walk into your fancy hotel room, the minibar is stocked up and house-keeping have just been and gone #newcouchsmell

  1. What We’ve Become feat. Natalola and Cory Enemy
  2. Gotta Push On feat. Brasstracks and Eric Krasno
  3. If There Ever Comes a Day feat. Eli “Paper Boy” Reed and Louis Futon
  4. Feelin’ Fine
  5. Driftin’ feat. Son Little

(Yes, these are probably the only songs that are university radio ‘friendly’ but listening to these will help ease your way into the overall sound of the album)

Tfw you try to step away from the bar with drinks in hand and your feet are glued to the floor by a mixture of sweat and beer #ripBarCentury

  1. Wicked feat. Eric Krasno
  2. PS GFY feat. Cherub
  3. Before I Go feat. Leo Napier
  4. Good Times Roll feat. Big Gigantic

(Give these a listen, they may be heavy but I guarantee you they’re pretty fun)

You’re at a festival waiting in line to use the incredibly popular porto-lus. You can just manage to make out the music from the tent across from you just as some poor soul, trippin’ real hard, walks up and confuses you for their own mother. Absolutely filthy but all a part of the experience.

  1. Rather Be Free feat. Muzzy Bear
  2. I Don’t Mind feat. Sunsquabi, Artifakts and iDa HAWK
  3. My Friends and I feat. Prob Cause
  4. Can’t Hold Me Down feat. Tash Neal

(The station managers are going to hate me…)

By Simon Penny 



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