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Album of the Week: Glorious Heights (Blitz Radio)

Montaigne’s debut album, Glorious Heights is a funky, rhythmic and driving collection worthy to be crowned Blitz Radio’s first Album of the Week. Montaigne’s unique blend of pop vocals and alternate rock leave the album a completely unapologetic, visceral explosion of her personal trials and tribulations.

Off the back of Montaigne’s collaboration with the Hilltop Hoods on 1955, Glorious Heights provides this nascent artist an excellent foundation to break into the international music scene. The vocals on these tracks are out of this world, injecting a symphony of aural bliss directly into the ears of the listener. It leaves you with one simple thought; “f***, this girl can sing!”

Because I Love You, In the Dark, and the album’s namesake, Glorious Heights provide an upbeat assertion of Montaigne’s microphone dominance. It is impossible to get these tunes out of your head! Tracks like Consolation Prize and Lonely deliver a raw sound and allow a glimpse into the headspace of Jessica Cerro, who is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with.

This album is a perfect balance of crisp melodies and upbeat revivals that leave you with a sense of hope, perfect for getting over that prick Jarred who totally had didn’t appreciate you and drank all your wine before making out with Becky at that party that you didn’t even want to go to anyway. Or you know, it’s just as good to play on a Sunday afternoon while dancing around the house in your undies while your dog stares and thinks, “What a loser…” Either way, with beautiful vocals wrapped in 80s synths, dancing drums and playful keyboards, Montaigne’s Glorious Heights is a must listen!

Oh, and the album artwork is pretty badass too.


By Dominic Giannini




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