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Album of the Week: BALANCE AND COMPOSURE’s ‘LIGHT WE MADE’ (Blitz Radio)

Light We Made is the third full length album from alternative rock band, Balance and Composure. Since their formation in 2007, the band has drawn comparisons to the likes of Nirvana, Brand New and Radiohead. When compared to the band’s earlier, post-hardcore, material, Light We Made is a lot more mellow and mature.

To put it bluntly; this album is an experience in itself. With dreamy vocals, melodic guitars and intricate drum fills, Light We Made is an album that gets better and better after every listen. Unlike their earlier, grungier and grittier releases, the album begins on a softer, experimental note with the album’s opener, Midnight Zone. It is moody and melodic, with a driving bass line that sets the tone for the rest of the record.

The tracks Postcard and Afterparty were released as singles prior to the album’s release, each for different reasons. Postcard is definitely the most experimental track off the record, featuring synth and electronically distorted guitars that give the track a more polished sound. Although the track Afterparty possesses these elements too, it is a little more reminiscent of the band’s older material, with slightly heavier music and punchy vocals.

Standout tracks that deserve a mention are: For A Walk, Mediocre Love, and Call It Losing Touch, which show the band’s diversity and ability to go against the norm.                                                  The album’s closer, Loam, is definitely an interesting choice. Given the band’s heavier musical history, a loud and dramatic final song seems very appropriate. Instead, in what may have been an attempt to create the unpredictable, the band leaves audiences with an electronically distorted and moody outro.

Overall, Balance and Composure’s Light We Made is a refreshing and unique alternative rock release. Melodic, moody and mature, it is definitely an album worthy of being Blitz Radio’s Album of the Week.

By Alessandra Femenias 

Balance and Composure’s Light We Made is out now through UNFD.



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