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How Adult Are You at Exam Crunch Time?

The lecturer announces the contents for the exam next week and hold up, you don’t remember this course having an exam.  You feel that surge of a meltdown setting in. So which meltdown are you?

Kristen Wiig as Annie Mumolo in Bridesmaids on the plane

You’re not a complete wreck, but you’re getting there.

The stress is seeping in and you’ve already made weird snarky remarks about the inequalities of the world.  You’ve offended your privileged uni mates with your odd dry humour, but your meltdown is still forgivable and a loveable laugh.


Britney Spears 2007 umbrella meltdown

You cannot keep your cool any longer.

The wind keeps flipping your umbrella the other way round and you’d rather have the wind flip that 50 mark to 75. Next thing you know, you’re attacking a car with your umbrella and shaving your hair off.

Charlie Sheen 2011 public meltdown

You are beyond a stack of unwashed laundry in the corner or your room or the growing tower of takeout boxes crowding your table.

You have shamelessly wrecked havoc in front of everyone. You have brought new meanings to getting an HD. In your case that means Highly Dysfunctional.

Amanda Bynes 2012 car crash meltdown

Your shameless hit-and-runs have been outrageous, and the more you deny it on social media, the more embarrassing it gets. You’re just a loose cannon – and people are getting scared, Miranda Priestly.

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