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Interview: The Rubens (Blitz Radio)

Blitz Radio caught up with Elliot from the Rubens ahead of their appearance at the nearly sold out Groovin the Moo Festival. We spoke about the bands beginnings, the creative process and their touring,

Harry: Welcome back to Blitz Radio, it’s Harry here and I’m here with Elliot Margin from the Rubens. First things first, a massive congratulations on coming Number One on the Triple J Hottest 100 for your song Hoops! Now you were in the Triple J studios and you knew you were in the top five for the Hottest 100, what’d you feel when you found out you were number one?

Elliot: We were in the studio from song number five, every song that came past we thought was going to be us and we were freaking out, and when it got to number one, we were just hysterical.

Harry: Now we might go back to the beginnings of the Rubens, Why the name?

Elliot: We didn’t want it to be a family band, the three brothers started jamming and we asked our younger brother if he wanted to be in the band? He said no, so to spite him we named the band after his nickname: Ruben.

Harry: How did the band form in terms of the other members?

Elliot: Scott, the drummer, we have known him our whole life and grown up with him. We thought who do we know who plays drum and is a legend? So we called him up. Will, the bass player, he came with us to New York to see the technical side of things and then we asked him to play live with us and he said yes! He had to be a legend and is probably the biggest legend, so he ticked that box too.

Harry: I have a younger brother as well and we get into fights all the time, how is it for you working with your brothers?

Elliot: It’s actually really easy, we always got along as kids, and growing up together we knew each other’s dirty happens, so nothing is really a surprise. It’s like I knew you were a weirdo, so it’s all fine.

Harry: I guess you’ve had enough time to come to terms with the facts that they’re all weirdos! In terms of the actual music process, how does the creative process work?

Elliot: Usually one of us will come up with an idea and hash it out ourselves for a bit and then show it to the others and see what the others think of it. If everyone else likes it, then we will progress together. Sam lives in Melbourne and we live in Sydney, so we would send each other demos and things like that. We never really jam on the songs in the studio, because we get sidetracked, and then start sounding like Led Zeppelin instead of The Rubens.

Harry: Talking about Hoops a bit, it’s your second album, was the process any easier making that album opposed to your first album?

Elliot: You start out with 20 favorites and then whittle down the songs, based
on which is the best one and which ones are too similar. It gets difficult when some people are really attached to a song, but that only really happens when we get to the final few songs

Harry: Are there any songs on the Hoops album that you are personally attached to?

Elliot: Hoops, it was a lot of fun, and it actually came about when the whole record was finished. We finished recording in New York and came back and our manager said keep writing, because you never know what’s going to happen. And then the single Hoops happened. It was just easy and nice.

Harry: That’s incredible! So what’s next for the Rubens?

Elliot: We are going to America to launch the album on the 4th of March and do a bunch of shows there, and then we come back for Groovin The Moo.

Harry: Is there anything you’re nervous about for Groovin the Moo?

Elliot: The only thing I’m nervous about is lack of sleep. We had a look at the schedule and realized we are going to be wrecked. Because obviously you play a show in the middle of nowhere and then have to get back into the city to fly to the next show. It’s really exciting!

Harry: The only thing I would say is maybe don’t say: Canberra is out in the middle of nowhere, you might offend some people [Elliot laughs]. Elliot Margin from the Rubens, thanks so much for joining us today on Blitz Radio, congratulations on Hoops being number one once again, and good luck for your American launch, and of course we will see you at Groovin The Moo!
You can see The Rubens at Groovin The Moo! Check out Groovin The Moo here



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