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The Playlist: Mental Health

Semester starting to weigh on you? Blitz curated the perfect feel-good playlist for those of you that are feeling the heat.

Eat You Alive – The Oh Hello’s

A short and sweet starter – to prove you’re alive!

Stars (Hold On) – Youngblood Hawke

A fun and fulfilling, heartfelt combination of drums and layered voices.

Ordinary Human – One Republic

An empowering track to give you goosebumps. Put this on, get up and stretch, drink a glass of water. Look after yourself today!

Anna Sun – Walk the Moon

You’re in a lecture hall – no, you’re on a road trip with all your best friends, windows rolled down, wind whipping your hair, blasting this song with everything your second-hand car speakers have got. Bonus: The music video for this song is excellent.

Like Real People Do – Hozier

Tired of being taken to church? Hozier has enough sweet songs on the rest of his album to soothe your soul. This particular acoustic gem would resonate well with our own Matt Corby.

Break the Cycle – You + Me

P!nk pairs up with singer/songwriter friend Dallas Green for a beautiful folk song about hope and healing.

Hopeless Opus – Imagine Dragons

A song for the art students getting overwhelmed by creative projects – the penultimate track from Imagine Dragons’ new album Smoke + Mirrors will help pull you out of the haze.

Grow Old With Me – Tom Odell

Hailed as a young Chris Martin, Tom Odell’s lyrics are the definition of euphoria.

Shake It Out – Florence and the Machine

You’ve heard it before – Florence and the Machine has a song for everything. Consider this your calling to hold your head high.

Burn the Pages – Sia

A nice companion to the similarly-themed Shake It Out, just make sure you wait until after the exam to burn that textbook.

Saskia Hamilton – Ben Folds

Running late for class? Pop this on your headphones and you will fly. A hilarious feel-good that will go down particularly well with all you literature/language students. Plus, check out the music video by Youtube favourite Charlie McDonnell.

Come With Me Now – Kongos

This one’s just catchy. Who doesn’t love an accordion?! Can you get through it without grinning? I didn’t think so.

By Erin Latimer



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