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Iconic macarons from Ladurée

The Review: foodi’s Cupcake and Dessert Walking Tour

Think of foodi’s Cupcake and Dessert Walking Tour as a way to indulge that mighty craving for everything sweet while telling yourself that it’s OK, the walking cancels it out. Food, light exercise, and an experience that will make me feel like a classy person–sold!

Iconic macarons from Ladurée
Iconic macarons from Ladurée.

foodi’s walking tours generally occur on Saturdays and mine was no exception; I met up with my friendly tour guide and fellow group members in the late morning. The guide explained interesting historical trivia at each stop. Fun fact: the first published recipe for ‘a cake to be baked in small cups’ was written by a woman called Amelia Simmons.

I was apprehensive about the number of cakes involved in the tour, but we ate a decent variety of sweet things: decadent little cupcakes from Cupcakes on Pitt, lollies from Happy Lab, macarons from Ladurée, lemon and pecan tarts from Sweet Infinity, chocolate-dipped seasonal fruit made by the champions at Parisi, and Guylian chocolate seashells and brownies.

Happy Lab in Sydney Westfield
Happy Lab in Sydney Westfield.

There’s a fair amount of walking during the three hour tour–we started at Elizabeth Street near Museum train station and finished at Darling Quarter–so if you’re keen to try this, wear comfortable shoes and bring a bottle of water. Check the weather, too, as you’ll be exposed to the elements.

The Cupcake and Dessert Walking Tour was a truly delicious experience. I got to taste a number of different desserts from the six shops we visited, and I’m definitely coming back for more. The post-tour sugar crash may have had me sacked out on the couch by 5 pm, but it was totally worth it. In the words of two wise gurus of our age: treat yo’ self.

Cupcakes on Pitt
Cupcakes on Pitt.

The tour in a nutshell:

How much? $49 per person, includes food but not beverages.

How long is it? Around three hours (two kilometres) with six stops to eat and use facilities.

How can I fit all this food in? Well, the chocolate-dipped fruit is kind of refreshing. The food samples can be saved for later, and tea or coffee goes a long way in cutting through the sweetness.

What do I need? Comfortable shoes, water, possibly an umbrella. Clothing that can accommodate a food baby is also a good idea.

Can I sleep in? This tour starts at 10.30 am, so yes, a bit.

Are dietary requirements accommodated? To my knowledge, samples contain nuts and dairy, but you’d have to check with the tour company for information regarding other intolerances. Happy Lab sells some gluten free products.

To book your own tour click here.

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