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Why all those weird animal eyes?
Have you ever wondered why your cat looks up at you with eyes that go from narrow, black slits to huge, round saucers? Scientists are now thinking that these variations evolved to help each specific species of animal with the way they hunt. Ambush predators like foxes and cats have pupils that are vertical slits to allow them the most control over the amount of light coming into their eyes whereas grazing animals will have horizontal slits that allow them a greater field of vision.


Crazy drinking guidelines revealed.
A new British study reveals that (surprise) we don’t listen to the rules that tell us how much we are supposed to drink. Researchers found that the official UK recommendations of three or four units per day for men and two or three for women are ‘unrealistic’ and ignored by most people. It doesn’t help that one standard drink in Canada is the same as 1.4 drinks in the land down under and 1.7 UK units.


Live somewhere beautiful, become less religious?
Some new research out of the good ol’ USA suggests that the more beautiful someone’s home and neighbourhood is, the less likely they are to identify with a mainstream religion. It is not clear which comes first, the choice of environment or religion. It is hard to know what we should do with this little piece of info but here it is. Thank you science!


By Megan Baehnisch



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