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New Ebola Vaccine 100% Effective
Are you one of those people who hear about a vicious outbreak of disease across the other side of the world and fear that the apocalypse is upon us? Scientists have discovered that a new Ebola vaccine has been 100% effective in preventing infection among family members of someone who had the disease in a small trial in Guinea. This result is very promising and shows that one day soon we may have the tools to control, even totally eradicate, this terrible epidemic.


On the Road to Saving Devils
For the past 20 years the Tasmanian devil has been under attack from a cancer that has been decimating the entire population of these cute little guys. Researchers have been working to prevent them joining the Tasmanian Tiger in extinction. There is hope with 19 captive-bred and immunized devils released into the wild. If all goes well, they will continue to vaccinate devils until heard immunity takes over and
the cancer is defeated.


Smog Jewellery
Would you wear a ring or cufflinks filled with smog? A Dutch artist has launched a kickstarter campaign that aims to build the world’s first smog-eating tower that would produce 3.5 million cubic metres of clean air each day, with the smog being compressed into little cubes. The first tower will be built in the Netherlands but if successful we could expect them to pop up all over the world to fill our cities with pure clean air.


By Megan Baehnisch



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