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Life Hacks, You’re Welcome

A master post that will answer every/ any question you will ever have.


Maths is hard. Here is a website that can help you solve equations.

Don’t understand a basic concept in class but too scared to ask? Here is an alternative to Wikipedia.

Forgot your calculator? 

What is essay? How do I essay?

Need to study? Here is an online flashcards site to learn those keywords.

Books are great, but books are expensive. Find some free here.

Study breaks are super healthy. In fact you’re taking one now. Take an even more productive one here.

A Google guide.

Forcing you to write that essay.

Man, you really should have paid more attention in High School- re-learn it here.

Snack Attack!

Pretend you’re writing an essay, here.

How to succeed in an all nighter without really trying.

Stress Relief


Thoughts Room

Guided Relaxation

How to survive Uni


Dormroom Cheats for storage

How to pick your major

Don’t get cranky with your roomie

How to bond with your roomie

Healthy Food to keep around

Making the most of uni

Studying abroad

How to deal with being homesick

How to deal with a hangover

How to save $$$

Healthy Relationships

If you think you’ve been drugged

How to not be a Contrived Writer 

Character Traits/ Body Language- cheat sheet

How to write an interactive book.

When that “word” is on the tip of your tongue but you just cant remember it.

Tropes for fiction writing

Which famous author do you write like?

Reverse Dictionary

Writing prompt generators: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5,

And a hundred more things



Flappy Bird

Creative Souls

Free painting 

Paint with sand

Colour schemes

Colour palette generator

Remove backgrounds

Pixel Art

Free photoshop alternative

Just patterns

HTML Things

How to code- interactive learning space

Web tutorials

Look like you know html


Natural Beauty remedies

How to master the winged eyeliner

How to braid like a pro

Messy bun 

What television characters wore and where you can buy it

How to apply eyeliner, curl your eyelashes and apply mascara with a spoon.

How to do special effect makeup

Newspaper nail art

Motivation to be fit and healthy


Easy, quick and cheap meals

Healthy study meals/snacks

Chocolate muffin in a mug and little effort

Disney inspired meal ideas

Single serve mac and cheese

Lots of Salad recipes 

Harry Potter meals/snacks

Starbucks drink recipes

Give food to someone else

Mental Health

Comfort Box Instructions

How to love yourself

Give me hope

Click this

Cut something 

The nicest place on the internet


How to create a mind palace

How to delete yourself off weird websites

Travel hints and tricks

Live stream the sea

Link to all comics ever

Stickman adventures

Pretend it’s raining

It’s a me, Mario

By Charlotte Goodsir



About Charlotte Goodsir

Charlotte Goodsir
I really like glitter, rabbits and mac&cheese. I do the english and the acting and the feminist ranting

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