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The Playlist: White House’s 4th Birthday

Let your man buns down, grab a beverage and have a jig to some funky fresh tracks at the Whitehouse’s 4th birthday!

Happy Birthday Mr President- Marilyn Monroe

Because this happened, and at the time everyone thought it was OK to seductively sing to the president. Because, why not?

Happy Birthday- Sufjan Stevens

This mans voice sounds like a scented candle.

It’s my Party- Lesley Gore

Hopefully there is no crying at our shindig, we only want cool cats and cumbers!

In Da Club- 50 Cent

Go White House, it’s your birthday, we gonna party like it’s your birthday!

Birthday- Selena Gomez

You think you know what to expect then, BAM goodbye Wizards of Wavery Place.

Birthday Cake- Rhianna

It’s not even her birthday man.

Birthday – Katy Perry

Pop princess Katy strikes again.

Birthday Song- 2 Chainz ft Kanye West

Get low.

Birthday- Destiny’s Child

On the CD cover it has four girls in Destiny’s Child, but I thought there were only three? Plus,  young Beyoncé, what’s not to like?

It’s My Birthday- Mya

There is a lot of whispering and I don’t know if it’s supposed to be sexy, but it makes me nervous.

Forever Young- Bob Dylan

Because we are!

The White House will be putting on heaps of cool stuff from free cake, discounts and giveaways! So basically it’s going to  be the best fourth birthday party you will ever go to!

By Charlotte Goodsir



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