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10 Tips for Green Student Living

Walk or Get Public Transport to Uni 

I know this isn’t possible for everyone (no haters please) but the rest of you lazy-legs can get up an extra 10 minutes early and walk to uni or to the bus stop rather than driving. Not only is it good for the environment but it is also good for YOU (and other students who are trying to find parking).

KeepCup for Coffee or Tea 

There is no way in the world that I could function without a coffee. There is just no way. Zilch. Not happening. But considering each take away cup cannot be recycled, you’re looking at quite a heavy environmental impact. So, why not grab a KeepCup or thermos that you can refill and carry around campus with you?


Get Readings Online Rather Than Buying Readers 

Readers are expensive. I could buy 50 lollipops for the price of this reader. But there is a solution, my dear friends. Look on your course outline for the texts and check the library database. Even though the Moodle girl of everyone’s dreams has left us, there are some great things on Moodle, like the readings (sometimes).

Ditch the Plastic Water Bottles 

Swap your Mount Franklin for a ‘real/ reusable’ bottle. They are way better for the environment, won’t squash in your bag and are much better looking. Alternatively get away with $0 spent and use the free bubblers on campus.


Get Free Food on Campus 

If you’re a member of the UNSW Free Food group on Facebook you will know there is ALWAYS free food, somewhere on campus. This is the rule, there is no exception. The challenge is finding it (or getting there before someone else does in some cases). Don’t forget the Arc Street Team have also always got your back.

Grow Your Own Veggies 

Keeping a little veggie patch is the best. It acts as procrastination/relaxation time and generally is a really cool thing to do. So why not give your thumbs a break from texting and see if they’re green?


Turn the Lights Off! 

Do you ever think you know where a sub heading is going thenit completely changes? Turn the lights off on Google by using blackle.com. It’s basically Google, but it saves 750 megawatts of energy a year.

Use Flyers as Note Paper 

Every time I walk past the Main Library people are throwing flyers in my face. Why not use those flyers for something useful and write lecture and tutorial notes on them? Oh and shun those people giving out dead trees to promote their bake sale. Murderers.


Use a Recycling Bin 

They are on campus for a reason. Please use them. Just think of all the extra calories you’ll be burning by walking the extra 10m to the recycling bin!

Holding Classes Remotely 

Yep I said it. Everyday the university has lights on in every single room, even if they’re not in use. Instead of using a whole room with air-conditioning and lights, why not let lecturers make an iMovie that I can watch in bed, possibly separated by various Netflix binge sessions. Think about the overall energy savings. I probably wouldn’t shower if I knew I didn’t need to leave my bedroom (Eds. Not showering is also very green).

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By Charlotte Goodsir




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